** The Trusted Trainer has recently been recognised by ORIGYM as One of The Best Books For Personal Trainers 2019 **


The Trusted Trainer – How to Win Clients For Life in the Health and Fitness Industry by David Osgathorp

Introducing my new book, The Trusted Trainer (available now on Amazon). In the Trusted Trainer you will:

  • Learn the secrets to building a PT or health business that dominates your competitors in this saturated and overpopulated marketplace.
  • Avoid the costly mistakes I made along my 20 year+ journey in the industry.
  • Attract, amaze and keep more clients than you’ll ever know what to do with on your journey towards a multiple six figure business.
  • Learn how to find clients that INSPIRE you and add value to your business rather than waste your time and hold you back.
  • Grow your personal brand and identity so you become a recognised figure in the industry.

A shortcut to success with clients in the health and fitness business

Would you like to learn the secrets to building a business that not only delivers a superior service compared against your competitors, but also builds a dream life for you, full of opportunity and adventure?

Most trainers dream of running their own business, living life on their own terms and changing the world in their own unique way. In pursuing this dream most people forget about the most important element of any business – keeping the client happy!

With numerous successful ventures behind him, David Osgathorp understands exactly what clients really want and offers advice that ensures that you will continue to deliver a service that goes above and beyond the expectations of your clients to build great relationships that will continue to serve both you and them for years to come.

Learn the secret recipe for success in building a successful training business that will have clients flocking  to you!

In The Trusted Trainer, David reveals his principles for creating a business that clients will love visiting and you will love being a part of…

  • Understand why life is all about the people that you meet and the opportunities you create with them
  • Why failure is an inevitable part of any success story
  • Why no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care
  • How every interaction you have with a client can build or destroy a relationship
  • Why you MUST find clients that inspire you to be more and do more in order to be able to give more back

Read The Trusted Trainer to learn the importance of communication, really understanding exactly what your clients need and the simple truth that a successful business and a successful life will always be determined by what you can give and not what you can get!