Privacy Policy

At no time will any information be sold or shared with third parties for marketing, soliciting, profiling, or profiteering. We take data protection very seriously and will vigorously defend all our client’s information. With this in-mind, there are a few things that we do need to collect in order to maintain our professional standards and to aid in the efficient running and safety of our service.

What information do we need to collect from you?

Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Email, Phone Number,General Health and wellbeing information that may affect how we plan your Personal Training sessions.

Why do we collect this data?

We have a practical requirement to contact our clients with appointment confirmations, discussing phone enquires, cancellations, staff illness, emergency closures, and managing invoicing and billing matters. Along with this we may send you additional notes or articles to our website or blog which we truly believe will assist you in your health & fitness journey.

Will my data be shared with any third parties?

We will only share your data with your expressed consent with agencies and health professionals specifically relevant to your health and fitness well-being. This will always be discussed with you on an individual basis, and copies of this correspondence will be sent to you.

I want my data deleted from your system.

In line with GDPR all clients retain the right to have their personal data removed from the studios database. This request must be received by the studio at in writing and will be actioned within 30 days.