Announcement: I am looking for women to get an advanced free trial of my online video trainer, the Can DO Plan. There are currently four spots left so please do get in touch. This will feature not only hours of video content that comes in the Can DO Plan but a free hour phone consultation with me at the outset of the programme to make sure you get the most out of it and regular ‘accountability calls’ with me to see how things are going – just email me on with a short note on your fitness goals and we’ll be in touch with the winners of the free places.

Introducing the Can DO Plan, the video personal training series from DO.

In the Can DO Plan, you receive professional and realistic health and exercise advice from David relating to the “Four Pillars of Health”. You will get a new video each day, for 30 days.

In this 30-day video series, David will be training with you every step of the way. Even when it gets tough. The Can DO Plan starts by asking you to define a powerful vision of your health and fitness goals and then helps you, day by day, to work towards achieving those ambitions.

The Can DO Plan is a course entirely conducted from your home and fits into your life. It doesn’t apply unnecessary pressure and recognises that everyone is coming from a different physiological and emotional starting point. If you want to get back into great shape after a pregnancy or just feel like you’ve lost the body you once had, the Can DO Plan is a realistic and achievable way of getting there.

Coming 2018