Coaching for Coaches

David offers consultancy services to personal trainers, gym owners and entrepreneurs working within the health and fitness industry.

Business consultancy sessions are delivered by David either in person at your business premises or at David’s state of the art fitness studios in London, UK.

As with all of his coaching services, David aims to find the right approach for each individual. Business consultations and mentoring sessions with David are available face to face, via Skype, email or telephone. If you’d like to find out more about any of the following courses please email

Option 1: Intensive Weekend Bootcamp

Join David in person for an intensive business workshop over the course of a full weekend at his state of the art fitness studios in Highgate Village, North London.

The agenda is packed and you’ll learn what it takes to:

  • Build a personal training business from zero to 1000 one to one personal training sessions per month
  • How to stand out from the hoards of other hopeful trainers in this saturated marketplace
  • How to find your unique selling point in the fitness industry
  • How to partner with other businesses to grow your brand
  • How to build incredible relationships with key clients for life
  • How to build an award winning team
  • Why you must never settle for anything less than excellence
  • Why you must learn to delegate so that you can focus on the big important business decisions. 

By the end of this weekend workshop you’ll leave with a tailored plan of action to take your business to the next level.

To book your consultation email David

Option 2: One Day Business Makeover


In just one (very long) day, you’ll be given a complete plan of action to turbo-charge your business and, more importantly, improve your life.

Before working with David you’ll be sent a pre consultation questionnaire to determine the present strengths and weaknesses of your fitness business. David will conduct a detailed review of this self completed report and identify areas for improvement.  You will then be invited to join David for a 60 minute phone consultation (at a date and time prior to the meeting in person) so that you know what to expect from the session and David fully understands the circumstances of your business and the stage that it is at.



The Format of the Day:

  • Early breakfast meeting: Outlining the plan for the day and the primary objectives
  • Goal setting for yourself and your business
  • Marketing Plan
  • Customer Service Plan
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Studio Makeover
  • Marketing Materials Makeover
  • Client Generation
  • Operations Manual

By the end of the day your business will look better, work better, generate more leads and more importantly ignite the passion within you to enjoy taking your business and your life to a new level.

To book your consultation email David

Option 3: 12 Week Mentoring Programme

If you are running a coaching business then it is essential that you have your own coach to provide feedback and to motivate you where necessary. Ideally this would be someone with more experience than you in the same industry. David is ideally placed (with 20 years’ of experience) to offer this 12 week mentoring service to beginner, intermediate and upper intermediate trainers. This programme will take you from a great coach to a great leader and business person.

The aim of the coaching sessions is to determine where your passion lies and build a plan around working only in this area. In his experience, many trainers actually have very different aims and life goals:

  • If you want to be the best coach and work with great clients for the next ten years we will focus on the mechanics of personal training and less on the business and finance side.
  • If you’re an ambitious entrepreneurial business owner with big ambitions to eventually own a large business and would like to expand rapidly, we will discuss in detail the key challenges involved and how to overcome them!
  • If your goal is to build a business that works without you being present and generates ‘passive income’, then working with David will enable you to re-align your business model for this purpose.

Whatever your goal, you will have full access to his business advice, contacts and guidance to move yon on a fast learning curve – an unfair advantage over all other trainers starting from scratch.

  • You will be personally invited to David’s studios in Highgate Village, North London for a one on one meeting and to see how his business runs on a day to day basis.

You will be taken through a step by step process that will enable you to:

  •      Define the values for yourself and your business
  •      Determine your WHY
  •      Create your unique definition of ‘excellence’
  •      Determine your ‘ideal client’
  •      Build your unique brand
  •      Create your unique message
  •      Build your own team
  •      Critique, refine and design your new marketing materials
  •      Determine your daily and weekly goals for the next 12 weeks
  •      Determine your weekly monthly and quarterly goals for the next 12 months

Your business will look better, function in a better way and give you a far better income and lifestyle. The coaching sessions will allow you and David to analyse every aspect of your business, focus on the key aspects that are working, improve the areas that are causing your problems and remove the things that are letting you down.

In just twelve weeks from now, you will be clear on exactly what you do, how you do it and most importantly, WHY you do it.

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