The Can Do Plan is David’s second book and his first based on his principles of health and fitness.

With nearly twenty years of coaching experience David has compiled his vast experience into a complete health and wellness transformation plan

His goal with this book is to deliver elite level coaching to the general population. For years elite athletes have known that fitness is so much more than just training and that a solid nutrition plan is more than just counting calories for a few weeks.

The Can Do Plan incorporates David’s four pillars of human performance – fitness, nutrition, recovery and mind set and he delivers a simple step by step plan that combines each of these elements in a unique manner that delivers exceptional results that work.

Many times coaches look to over-complicate a programme in order to make themselves look smart. David’s philosophy is that simplicity is the key to success and whilst his personal training work incorporates a completely bespoke approach to each client, the general principles contained within The Can Do Plan are relevant to all.

Simply put, whether you are an elite athlete, a stay at home mum or a busy executive, the goal is to win at life! This programme deals in the currency of energy and this is simply determined through your daily choices and actions. The way that you eat, move, recover and even think will either give you energy or take it away.

If you’ve ever started any kind of diet, tried to follow a training programme, or looked to make significant changes to your lifestyle and failed then this book is for you.

The Can Do Plan is released in June 2019