If you are an established personal trainer or are looking to become a personal trainer you are judged on one thing…

…your ability to get real results for your clients.

If you are looking to become a personal trainer, no amount of cash thrown at marketing your business or new gym equipment will save you if you fail to get results for your clients.

On the other hand, if you do get good results for your clients – expect an avalanche of new business, totally free word of mouth marketing and wads of cash to follow.

Personal Training is a Waste of Time

If you want to become a personal trainer that delivers excellent results time after time then you need to understand that the training component of your client’s fitness regime is just one small piece of the puzzle.

That’s why personal training alone is a waste of time.

If you have even the smallest amount of knowledge on health and fitness, then you understand that making any kind of physiological change to your body is going to require a lot more than a few tough training sessions each week.

People come to you for results, not fads!

In my opinion to achieve drastic change in your physical appearance, the actual training element comes way down the list of importance!

You can’t bullshit your clients into believing that 3 sessions per week with you is all they need to achieve that perfect beach body. You have to ensure that they keep a strict focus on their diet, adhere to a fixed routine that allows them time to sleep properly and recover effectively from your training sessions and a strong mindset to stick with this routine for more than just a couple of weeks!

Get your clients results by giving them the full package of nutrition, recovery, mindset and training advice and assistance

Far too many trainers either fail to understand this or let their ego get in the way by believing that their perfect training programme (which they’ve probably copied off the internet) is all their client needs to achieve their dream body.

If this sounds like you then you need to stop wasting your client’s time and money NOW by placing far too much focus on the training time in the gym.

Training someone is just one small part of your job!

If you’re a personal trainer then you’re probably desperate for your client to come in 4 or 5 times per week. If you’re doing this then I believe you’re stealing  from them! Stop wasting time as a personal trainer and learn how to be a great coach.

Educate your clients and empower them to train on their own whilst providing them with enough support to conquer their goals with effective strategies for nutrition, mindset and recovery.

If you miss out on any one of these four components to generate results, you’ll never generate the profits that follow results.

To achieve what others can’t, you need to do what other’s don’t – food allergy testing is something you can look into recommending

The Four Pillars of Health (Training is just one of them!)

The four pillars of health that are the foundation of all I do (with my celebrity PT clients, at my London gym, at Red Bull Racing F1 Team and on this blog) are always the same:

  1. Nutrition – ensure the client is aware of their relationship with food and well educated about proper nutrition.
  2. Mindset – understand why the client is training and how they mentally approach each training session.
  3. Recovery – sleep, rest, de-stressing and injury prevention/management.
  4. Training – focusing on proper training strategies (such as time under tension).

If I am working with a client and I have missed one of those things out then that client simply isn’t going to get the results that they’ve paid for. When I first become a personal trainer, I only did the ‘training’ part and got zero results.

Remember when you work with a client, your sessions are about them, not you! Most clients will come to you for weight loss – therefore your number one goal is NOT your sexy new training programme – its the more boring task of teaching them to eat properly.

“You get fit in the gym, you lose weight in the kitchen!”

A saying I like to regularly remind my clients of.

Here are some examples where training alone will never be enough for you to succeed as a personal trainer:

  • If a client has no concept that some so-called ‘health’ or ‘low fat’ foods contain buckets of sugar  – they will never out-train their bad diet;
  • If a client is chronically stressed from over-training (particularly long steady state cardio, which I hate), more training is the opposite of what they neBecome a personal trainer: Food allergy testing can often help clients beat inflammation see my post on this
  • ed, you need to learn to send them home, give them a proper recovery strategy with adequate time in between sessions;
  • Similarly, if your client is chronically fatigued you often need to take a dual pronged approach by looking at their nutrition (for example by looking at their caffeine consumption to address sleep issues or recommending a vitamin deficiency test) and advising them on their mindset (such as by suggesting that they are trying to accomplish too much in their lives in general or maybe they would benefit from a workout partner or writing things down;
  • If your client is on a diet that triggers certain food allergies in them (suggest my elimination diet or that they get a food allergy test) – one client I had insisted natural yoghurt was great for him…until he found out he was completely allergic to lactose, in all its forms,  through food allergy testing;

If any of the above was news to you and you are looking to become a personal trainer – you’ve got work to do, my friend.

Once you’re confident you’ve done what you can in the domains of nutrition, mindset and recovery, address the fun part, training.

Make sure your client is not making any of these mistakes (the big mistake people make is advocating long, steady state cardio that doesn’t burn fat, it just fatigues the client).

Talk to your client regularly about their hopes and ambitions for the future


Effective communication with your PT clients is key, especially when you’ve just become a personal trainer

In order to deliver a programme that ticks all of the boxes for your clients then you need to really work on your communication skills.

If you’re going to deliver great results then you need to understand your clients, and determine exactly what each one of them needs.

I will write posts later about how to properly communicate with your clients but if you’re not hearing about their lives, their stresses, their strains, their past injuries and (sometimes) their social life on a regular basis – you’re doing something wrong! Many of those who’ve just become a personal trainer miss this out and it is FATAL to their business.

You want to build a dialogue about things that happen off the gym floor.

Personal Trainer – Capital P, small t

To generate proper results for your clients when you become a personal trainer, refer to the Four Pillars – training alone doesn’t get the beach body they all want!

In order to be a great coach, you need to be a great communicator, you need to understand your clients needs and you need to deliver a solution that is unique to their specific requirements.

You have to forcefully tell your clients exactly what to do in a manner that motivates them and doesn’t piss them off. You’ve got to be firm but fair and show them that you genuinely care about the results they are seeking. This way if they go off track then they know they’re letting you down as well as themselves!

In your role as a great coach you’re going to need to be comfortable having conversations about a client’s work life, their home life, their relationship with food – amongst many other personal things and so you’ll need to build a strong all round *personal* relationship with each client that you work with.

A vision of the future if you don’t adopt the four pillars when you become a personal trainer

If you do this consistently, you should expect to charge serious money for your sessions – similar to what a qualified accountant can expect to charge. If you don’t you’ll be earning less than a burger flipper at McDonalds.

The benefit of following my Four Pillar approach is that you get results for your client AND you get to know them on a personal level.

All of which means you stand out from the crowd of gym monkeys looking to make a buck through their latest crossfit fad or misplaced ‘get ripped to shreds’ regime when their prime target market is middle aged women!

Become a Personal Trainer – More on the Four Pillars

The point of this site is to convey my method which has lead to me working with numerous celebrity clients, running my own studios for over ten years, commanding £100 + /hour PT consultations and working directly with the Red Bull Racing F1 Team – it’s not rocket science, but it does rely heavily on becoming an all-round Personal Trainer and not just someone who knows how to spot a bench press in the gym.

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